Dec 022015

In this training video (11 minutes) Jevon teaches what is known in NLP as the “Mother of all techniques”, aka the Meta Pattern. 

This simple 5-step procedure underpins all the profound healing and transformative processes that NLP is famous for.

Any coaching or therapy interventions that follow the Meta Pattern will be effective, thus it is a versatile skill and a fundamental method that can be used to create your own changework techniques.

The “Mother” will show you the way…

Even if you’re not a coach or therapist, this video will teach you how to deal with any type of challenge effectively. It’s not a magic wand or silver bullet, but it is a powerful psychological tool that has many useful applications.

Each step is outlined in this 11 minute video –

Information about the course where this video was filmed

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Jul 102015

Overcome allergies & food intolerancesDiscover how to overcome allergies and food intolerances without medication.

From an NLP perspective allergies are viewed as a mistake of the immune system. The healing method taught in this video treats the root cause of the allergy and re-educates the immune system.

The video (32 minutes) includes a demonstration where Jevon helps someone to cure a pollen allergy. The same approach can be applied to any other type of allergen.

4 months after this demonstration took place, the woman in this video reported the following:

“With regards to allergies, I am cured. I have not had any issues since, although I have deliberately and repeatedly thrown myself into the deep end, just challenging my body and mind and have gratefully came to the other side clear of it. No running nose, no cough, no antihistamines etc. I have travelled several times on long flights, its been raining etc – ZERO symptoms! Yipeee!”

5 years later and she’s still allergy free!

Jevon has a 100% success rate at helping people overcome allergies and food intolerances using the technique in this video.

DISCLAIMER: The NLP Allergy Relief Process is an advanced technique that should only be applied by health care practitioners who are experienced in treating allergies.

The regression part of the demonstration in this video differs slightly from the classic NLP method, in that this one utilizes the Authentic Self Empowerment approach.

The complete Allergy Relief Process is taught at our Master NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training.

Enjoy the video:

NLP Training – online

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Apr 222015
Transformational Stories in Coaching, Therapy & Training

In this NLP training video Jevon Dängeli teaches and demonstrates how to use metaphor and story telling in coaching, therapy and training contexts.

You will learn how to:

– Tell meaningful stories with charisma.
– Create or select appropriate stories for particular audiences.
– How to make sessions and presentations fun and memorable.
– Utilise and leverage the metaphors that clients use to describe their issues.
– Bring about ecological change in the unconscious mind of your client or audience.
– Get your listeners to associate into the story and identify with the relevant character.
– Integrate “open loops” in order to establish appropriate states amongst your listeners.
– Include “thresholds” in stories so that your listeners take ownership of their outcomes.

The content of this video is multilayered. You will have experiences on various levels, while learning how to use transformational stories for positive impact.


NLP Training – online

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Dec 292014

How our programming determines our realityIn this video Jevon Dängeli introduces the underlying principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The presentation also outlines the “NLP Communication Model” which helps us to understand how we take information from the outside world into our neurology and how that in turn affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Overview of the video content:

Our unique neurological filters delete and/or distort and/or generalise everything we see, hear, feel, smell and taste to create the thoughts which drive our emotions and subsequent actions. Therefore, the reality that we experience is largely determined by what we do inside our minds.

Our experiences throughout life, including our birth, upbringing, social conditioning, education, religion, culture, etc, are what create our neurological filters. This means that everyone experiences any given situation differently.

Knowledge about the NLP Communication Model along with the application of NLP approaches enables people to ‘run their own minds’. More fulfillment in life is achievable when we are less affected by external circumstances, through gaining control of our internal processes. This leads to mental freedom, empowered responses, and mindful interactions with others.
In the video below you will discover more…

NLP Training – online

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Jul 282014
How to Open the Aperture of Your Awareness

Mindfulness, compassion and rapport are essential qualities in the coaching, therapy and mentoring profession.

Forward thinking people as well as spiritual practitioners have long understood the tremendous value of approaching tasks mindfully as well as establishing compassion and rapport toward others. People from various walks of life spend years cultivating these traits by means of psychological intervention and/or meditation. While we are not advocating a better approach, the skill taught in this video has proven to be an expediency to achieving levels of awareness that ordinarily take practitioners much longer to reach.

In this training video, Jevon Dängeli teaches you how to open the aperture of your awareness. This simple skill naturally enables us to experience a calm and centred state of mindfulness whilst activating the faculties for compassion and rapport. In addition to sharpening one’s sensory acuity, this awareness expanding skill helps us to become aware of our interconnection with others at a fundamental level, while ‘tuning’ our consciousness into its authentic mode. This brings about a state of inner peace and oneness – which results in feelings of compassion toward others and motivates behaviours that nourish rapport.
Watch  below:

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Jun 182014
Your life is a presentation!

Your life is a presentation!

Are you getting your message out there?

In this lively presentation, Jevon Dängeli speaks to an audience from 17 countries about how to get your message heard and understood.

From this video you will learn how to:

  • Speak in public with confidence
  • Present any topic charismatically
  • Connect with your audience and get in the flow
  • Establish rapport and appeal to all learning styles
  • Stay cool, calm & collected in interactions with others
  • Make yourself understood in conversations
  • Communicate the heart’s intelligence
  • Articulate your core message

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Oct 292013

Several advanced NLP processes address the underlying causes of emotional issues, stress reactions, relationship problems, and limiting beliefs. For many, the NLP Re-Imprint Method is the most effective approach when it comes to healing and releasing the issues that have “roots” in our past.

We are all imprinted with core learnings from our major life experiences. Intensely emotional events have the deepest imprint in our consciousness and especially those during the first few years of our life (including life in our mother’s womb and the trauma associated with birth). Imprints form the beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world, which shape our personality and identity. Unless they are healed and released, our imprints will act as templates for how we respond to subsequent experiences. What we most routinely attract into our life as well as our automatic behaviours are the result of what we’ve been imprinted with.

In this video Jevon Dängeli teaches and demonstrates an updated version of the original Reimprinting technique that was co-created by Robert Dilts and Timothy Leary.

You will learn how to elicit the root cause of an issue with precision, including a safe and swift process of regression, as well as the means to heal and release the issue at the onset of its existence. This process facilitates the integration of new perceptions and new meanings of the past events that control our present thoughts, feelings and actions, thereby enabling us to be more empowered and resourceful in the present.

If you seek greater understanding about why you are the way you are in challenging situations, as well as how to cultivate complete acceptance and forgiveness so that you can free yourself from limiting imprints, this video will show you how —

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Oct 272013

In this video you will learn how to free yourself and others from outdated modes of thinking, unwanted feelings and limiting behaviours.

Professional Coaches and NLP Practitioners will gain a powerful and versatile model that can be used to help all clients achieve fulfilling results. This approach facilitates what Hypnotherapy methods are designed to do – bring about changes in the unconscious mind, but it does so without any hypnotic inductions and in a conversational manner. The HNLP Coaching model is essentially a dynamic way of coaching the unconscious mind – which is the realm of consciousness that controls all our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This coaching model is therefore the method of choice when it comes to facilitating rapid and sustainable change.

The basic steps of the HNLP Coaching model that you will learn in this video integrate the NLP Collapsing Anchors process into a coaching dialog and eliminate the need to establish Kinaesthetic Anchors in the intervention (as taught in traditional NLP Practitioner trainings), making it suitable in all coaching contexts.

Anchors are triggers in our external environment that provoke certain states and behaviours. When negative states and behaviours are triggered then we react in unresourceful and destructive ways toward ourselves and others. In order to perform your best, you want to begin by dealing with any obstacles and interferences that prevent you from achieving your desired results. This means transforming the meaning that you give to your triggers so that they no longer affect you in any unwanted way. Most of our unwanted behaviours are triggered below the level of our conscious awareness, which is why trying to change an unwanted behaviour or reaction without addressing its underlying belief and trigger usually results in failure. The HNLP Coach model will show you how to elicit and change the effect of those “Evil Anchors” in life.

You can look forward to responding with greater equanimity, mindfulness and resourcefulness in all situations that used to challenge you.

For more information about the HNLP Coach model, click here.

Watch the video:

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Oct 262013
Would you like to get along better with someone that you spend time with?
Would you like to understand the important people in your life better?
Would you like a way to more easily overcome relationship hurts?
Would you like to be able to stand up to anyone and speak from a more objective perspective?
In this video Jevon teaches a profound way to empower any relationship. This form of relationship empowerment enables you to respond to others with understanding and compassion. The result is an ability to communicate openly, make wise choices and to take necessary actions.
Whether it’s your relationship with an intimate partner that needs flair, a relationship with a family member that needs healing, or your professional relationship with an associate that needs better functionality, in this video you will learn how to achieve this.
Jevon teaches the NLP approach to achieving a multi-perceptual stand-point and demonstrates how in one session you can feel and perform better in relation to others. You will learn a powerful self coaching skill that is easy to apply for immediate results.
The approach taught and demonstrated in this video also serves as an effective way to accept and let go of a painful experience in relation to someone else. For example, you will learn how to use this approach also for the purpose of overcoming the mental and emotional trauma that is associated with abuse, resulting in being able to forgive and move on.
Watch now:
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Oct 222013

In this video Jevon Dangeli teaches and demonstrates how to help someone overcome a phobia or traumatic experience.

You will learn the NLP technique known as Visual-Kinaesthetic Dissociation (also known as the Fast Phobia Cure and Rewind Technique).

V-K Dissociation helps to eliminate the effects of traumatic memories. It can be deeply healing for individuals who suffer from PTSD, with results being both rapid and sustainable. Intense fear of people, animals, objects or situations that are not harmful or dangerous (know as a phobia) is most often easily treated with this technique.

Please note that in this video the technique is being taught at a NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training where the course participants learn how to apply it in a coaching or therapy context. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of V-K Dissociation read this article: How to get rid of phobias and trauma using NLP (this is the V-K Dissociation outline referred to in the video).

6 months after the demonstration in this video, the client gave the following feedback:
“Thank you! I feel free from the unnecessary barriers my phobia had created in my life. It’s a whole new chapter for me, where it no longer occupies my mind the way it did before. It was an “uplifting” experience. It is true that one never knows how far a change will go. Thank you once again for this experience.”

IMPORTANT: V-K Dissociation is an advanced NLP technique and should be applied only by qualified NLP Practitioners who are experienced therapists or coaches.

For information about where you can learn the V-K Dissociation and other powerful healing, coaching and therapeutic techniques, please visit our course page.


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