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In this video you will learn how to free yourself and others from outdated modes of thinking, unwanted feelings and limiting behaviours.

Professional Coaches and NLP Practitioners will gain a powerful and versatile model that can be used to help all clients achieve fulfilling results. This approach facilitates what Hypnotherapy methods are designed to do – bring about changes in the unconscious mind, but it does so without any hypnotic inductions and in a conversational manner. The HNLP Coaching model is essentially a dynamic way of coaching the unconscious mind – which is the realm of consciousness that controls all our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This coaching model is therefore the method of choice when it comes to facilitating rapid and sustainable change.

The basic steps of the HNLP Coaching model that you will learn in this video integrate the NLP Collapsing Anchors process into a coaching dialog and eliminate the need to establish Kinaesthetic Anchors in the intervention (as taught in traditional NLP Practitioner trainings), making it suitable in all coaching contexts.

Anchors are triggers in our external environment that provoke certain states and behaviours. When negative states and behaviours are triggered then we react in unresourceful and destructive ways toward ourselves and others. In order to perform your best, you want to begin by dealing with any obstacles and interferences that prevent you from achieving your desired results. This means transforming the meaning that you give to your triggers so that they no longer affect you in any unwanted way. Most of our unwanted behaviours are triggered below the level of our conscious awareness, which is why trying to change an unwanted behaviour or reaction without addressing its underlying belief and trigger usually results in failure. The HNLP Coach model will show you how to elicit and change the effect of those “Evil Anchors” in life.

You can look forward to responding with greater equanimity, mindfulness and resourcefulness in all situations that used to challenge you.

For more information about the HNLP Coach model, click here.

Watch the video:

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