Oct 292013

Several advanced NLP processes address the underlying causes of emotional issues, stress reactions, relationship problems, and limiting beliefs. For many, the NLP Re-Imprint Method is the most effective approach when it comes to healing and releasing the issues that have “roots” in our past.

We are all imprinted with core learnings from our major life experiences. Intensely emotional events have the deepest imprint in our consciousness and especially those during the first few years of our life (including life in our mother’s womb and the trauma associated with birth). Imprints form the beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world, which shape our personality and identity. Unless they are healed and released, our imprints will act as templates for how we respond to subsequent experiences. What we most routinely attract into our life as well as our automatic behaviours are the result of what we’ve been imprinted with.

In this video Jevon Dängeli teaches and demonstrates an updated version of the original Reimprinting technique that was co-created by Robert Dilts and Timothy Leary.

You will learn how to elicit the root cause of an issue with precision, including a safe and swift process of regression, as well as the means to heal and release the issue at the onset of its existence. This process facilitates the integration of new perceptions and new meanings of the past events that control our present thoughts, feelings and actions, thereby enabling us to be more empowered and resourceful in the present.

If you seek greater understanding about why you are the way you are in challenging situations, as well as how to cultivate complete acceptance and forgiveness so that you can free yourself from limiting imprints, this video will show you how —

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