Dec 022015

In this training video (11 minutes) Jevon teaches what is known in NLP as the “Mother of all techniques”, aka the Meta Pattern. 

This simple 5-step procedure underpins all the profound healing and transformative processes that NLP is famous for.

Any coaching or therapy interventions that follow the Meta Pattern will be effective, thus it is a versatile skill and a fundamental method that can be used to create your own changework techniques.

The “Mother” will show you the way…

Even if you’re not a coach or therapist, this video will teach you how to deal with any type of challenge effectively. It’s not a magic wand or silver bullet, but it is a powerful psychological tool that has many useful applications.

Each step is outlined in this 11 minute video –

Information about the course where this video was filmed

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Jul 102015

Overcome allergies & food intolerancesDiscover how to overcome allergies and food intolerances without medication.

From an NLP perspective allergies are viewed as a mistake of the immune system. The healing method taught in this video treats the root cause of the allergy and re-educates the immune system.

The video (32 minutes) includes a demonstration where Jevon helps someone to cure a pollen allergy. The same approach can be applied to any other type of allergen.

4 months after this demonstration took place, the woman in this video reported the following:

“With regards to allergies, I am cured. I have not had any issues since, although I have deliberately and repeatedly thrown myself into the deep end, just challenging my body and mind and have gratefully came to the other side clear of it. No running nose, no cough, no antihistamines etc. I have travelled several times on long flights, its been raining etc – ZERO symptoms! Yipeee!”

5 years later and she’s still allergy free!

Jevon has a 100% success rate at helping people overcome allergies and food intolerances using the technique in this video.

DISCLAIMER: The NLP Allergy Relief Process is an advanced technique that should only be applied by health care practitioners who are experienced in treating allergies.

The regression part of the demonstration in this video differs slightly from the classic NLP method, in that this one utilizes the Authentic Self Empowerment approach.

The complete Allergy Relief Process is taught at our Master NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training.

Enjoy the video:

NLP Training – online

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Apr 222015
Transformational Stories in Coaching, Therapy & Training

In this NLP training video Jevon Dängeli teaches and demonstrates how to use metaphor and story telling in coaching, therapy and training contexts.

You will learn how to:

– Tell meaningful stories with charisma.
– Create or select appropriate stories for particular audiences.
– How to make sessions and presentations fun and memorable.
– Utilise and leverage the metaphors that clients use to describe their issues.
– Bring about ecological change in the unconscious mind of your client or audience.
– Get your listeners to associate into the story and identify with the relevant character.
– Integrate “open loops” in order to establish appropriate states amongst your listeners.
– Include “thresholds” in stories so that your listeners take ownership of their outcomes.

The content of this video is multilayered. You will have experiences on various levels, while learning how to use transformational stories for positive impact.


NLP Training – online

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Dec 292014

How our programming determines our realityIn this video Jevon Dängeli introduces the underlying principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The presentation also outlines the “NLP Communication Model” which helps us to understand how we take information from the outside world into our neurology and how that in turn affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Overview of the video content:

Our unique neurological filters delete and/or distort and/or generalise everything we see, hear, feel, smell and taste to create the thoughts which drive our emotions and subsequent actions. Therefore, the reality that we experience is largely determined by what we do inside our minds.

Our experiences throughout life, including our birth, upbringing, social conditioning, education, religion, culture, etc, are what create our neurological filters. This means that everyone experiences any given situation differently.

Knowledge about the NLP Communication Model along with the application of NLP approaches enables people to ‘run their own minds’. More fulfillment in life is achievable when we are less affected by external circumstances, through gaining control of our internal processes. This leads to mental freedom, empowered responses, and mindful interactions with others.
In the video below you will discover more…

NLP Training – online

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Nov 152014

The Mindful Power Audio Programme

Discover how to activate the mental states you would like to have and deactivate the thoughts you don’t want!

Mindful Power raises your awareness, eliminates negative self talk and establishes resourceful and creative perspectives.

Learn how to switch your mind from stress mode into a calm and centred mode in a few seconds.

 Download Mindful Power for free



The Basic Mindful Power Technique works by turning on 2 internal switches that activate your body’s relaxation response, resulting in mental clarity and emotional calmness.

Switch 1 – Conscious Breathing

Our breathing rate varies as different emotions are experienced. It also varies according to our level of stress. Under stress we tend to hold our breath for brief periods of time or shorten the exhale. For example, if you were to think of a time when you were really excited right now….. and actually relive that memory, you would probably notice that your breathing would change and speed up a bit. Similarly, emotions like fear, anxiety, or panic cause our breathing to become shallow and more rapid.

Breathing is an important part of the formula in creating emotions. Changing the breathing changes the formula and creates different emotions. Therefore the first Switch that is used in the Basic Mindful Power Technique is to change your breathing by beginning to breathe at a 1:2 ratio of inhalation to exhalation. Your exhalation will be about twice as long as your inhalation. The 1:2 breath balances the gases in the bloodstream to rapidly create a state of relaxed alertness. 

Switch 2 – Peripheral Vision

To understand how peripheral vision works, let’s take a closer look at how the eyes are connected to the brain. On the back wall of your eyeball is a patch of sensitive tissue called the retina. The retina receives light that passes through the pupils into the eye. Interestingly, the retina is really part of the brain. It is directly connected to your brain and is made of the same tissue as your brain.

The retina contains two types of highly specialized receptor cells called cones and rods. Cones have the highest concentration toward the centre of the retina. Activation of the cones in the centre of the retina, known as foveal or tunnel vision, is usually correlated with detail and colour differences. It limits the visual field to detect detail. 

Rods are the visual receptors which are more highly concentrated toward the outside of the retina. They respond to light at low levels. Activation of the rods in the outside of the retina, called peripheral vision, is related to the detection of movement, contour, and also night vision. 

The relaxation response is correlated with peripheral vision. Fight and flight mode is correlated primarily with tunnel vision. If you are in fight and flight, you will be in tunnel vision.

Being in peripheral vision blocks the fight and flight mode, while activating your relaxation response, therefore, if you are in peripheral vision you literally cannot access or experience emotions that are a result of the fight and flight mode. This means that peripheral vision inhibits stress and anxiety.

The Basic Mindful Power Technique enables you to access the peaceful yet highly aware state that is associated with being in peripheral vision. You also learn how to combine this with the conscious breathing pattern in order to rapidly eliminate any stress and tension, as well as reduce monkey mind syndrome (unwanted self talk). 

With regular practise, you will be able to simplify the technique into one conscious breath and a slight change of focus that will provide you with similar results to that of the full technique. Eventually, provided that you have practiced it regularly, the technique itself will become unnecessary, as you will then be naturally and spontaneously applying Mindful Power without needing to think about it.

Research suggests that using the Basic Mindful Power Technique for 24 days lowers stress levels and improves well-being by an average of 26%.

The Basic Mindful Power Technique with supporting facts and philosophy can be downloaded for free from the link below:

 Download Mindful Power for free

“Jevon does not believe it is always easy to change, but from his deep conviction he advises on ways to reprogram your deep seated belief systems. And he gets the bigger picture…the one where all is interconnected and interdependent. Sometimes his solutions might look simplistically easy…that’s why you should give them a try next time your thoughts are dragging you down.” – Dr. Denis Allard, surgeon 

“Mindful Power helps me see things in new light and that in turn helps me deal with life’s stressors in a much easier way.” – Tabi Alonso, paramedic

“I remained calm and relaxed before and during my exams because I knew that I could use the Mindful Power technique if necessary (this prevented the nervousness and blackouts that occurred before and during all previous exams). Thank you!” – Katrin Hacker, student 

See the main Mindful Power page for more testimonials

Complete Mindful Power audio program


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Jul 282014
How to Open the Aperture of Your Awareness

Mindfulness, compassion and rapport are essential qualities in the coaching, therapy and mentoring profession.

Forward thinking people as well as spiritual practitioners have long understood the tremendous value of approaching tasks mindfully as well as establishing compassion and rapport toward others. People from various walks of life spend years cultivating these traits by means of psychological intervention and/or meditation. While we are not advocating a better approach, the skill taught in this video has proven to be an expediency to achieving levels of awareness that ordinarily take practitioners much longer to reach.

In this training video, Jevon Dängeli teaches you how to open the aperture of your awareness. This simple skill naturally enables us to experience a calm and centred state of mindfulness whilst activating the faculties for compassion and rapport. In addition to sharpening one’s sensory acuity, this awareness expanding skill helps us to become aware of our interconnection with others at a fundamental level, while ‘tuning’ our consciousness into its authentic mode. This brings about a state of inner peace and oneness – which results in feelings of compassion toward others and motivates behaviours that nourish rapport.
Watch  below:

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Jul 172014

Talent - Discovery & Expression

Talent is the unique expression of each individual’s Authentic Self, thus everyone has talent.

Don’t waste your time trying to be like others, rather invest your energy in activating who you already are.

The Authentic Self is that realm of awareness within each person where talent originates. In order to discover and use our talents, we must look within and allow that which we already are to be awakened and articulated. We all have latent talents that can be unveiled and expressed in enterprising and creative ways. Every conscious human being can learn to do this! Continue reading »

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Jun 182014
Your life is a presentation!

Your life is a presentation!

Are you getting your message out there?

In this lively presentation, Jevon Dängeli speaks to an audience from 17 countries about how to get your message heard and understood.

From this video you will learn how to:

  • Speak in public with confidence
  • Present any topic charismatically
  • Connect with your audience and get in the flow
  • Establish rapport and appeal to all learning styles
  • Stay cool, calm & collected in interactions with others
  • Make yourself understood in conversations
  • Communicate the heart’s intelligence
  • Articulate your core message

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NLP Training DVDs

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Jun 022014

Learn how to think, feel & communicate for better results.

A comprehensive high quality NLP & HNLP video training programme on DVD, plus the perfect companion resource — Jevon’s pioneering book ‘The User Manual For Your Mind & Your Life‘.

.This unique NLP video training series is for people who want intrinsic skills to bring out the best in themselves and in others. It will benefit parents, teachers, leaders, managers, coaches, caregivers, health professionals, and those seeking to inspire people.

You get 2 DVDs (25 videos / 472 minutes) consisting of edited cuts from Jevon Dangeli’s live NLP courses, compiled in module by module format with training notes, images and review questions for a complete multi-sensory learning experience. Continue reading »

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