Jul 102015

Overcome allergies & food intolerancesDiscover how to overcome allergies and food intolerances without medication.

From an NLP perspective allergies are viewed as a mistake of the immune system. The healing method taught in this video treats the root cause of the allergy and re-educates the immune system.

The video (32 minutes) includes a demonstration where Jevon helps someone to cure a pollen allergy. The same approach can be applied to any other type of allergen.

4 months after this demonstration took place, the woman in this video reported the following:

“With regards to allergies, I am cured. I have not had any issues since, although I have deliberately and repeatedly thrown myself into the deep end, just challenging my body and mind and have gratefully came to the other side clear of it. No running nose, no cough, no antihistamines etc. I have travelled several times on long flights, its been raining etc – ZERO symptoms! Yipeee!”

5 years later and she’s still allergy free!

Jevon has a 100% success rate at helping people overcome allergies and food intolerances using the technique in this video.

DISCLAIMER: The NLP Allergy Relief Process is an advanced technique that should only be applied by health care practitioners who are experienced in treating allergies.

The regression part of the demonstration in this video differs slightly from the classic NLP method, in that this one utilizes the Authentic Self Empowerment approach.

The complete Allergy Relief Process is taught at our Master NLP/HNLP Coach Practitioner Training.

Enjoy the video:

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