Apr 222015
Transformational Stories in Coaching, Therapy & Training

In this NLP training video Jevon Dängeli teaches and demonstrates how to use metaphor and story telling in coaching, therapy and training contexts.

You will learn how to:

– Tell meaningful stories with charisma.
– Create or select appropriate stories for particular audiences.
– How to make sessions and presentations fun and memorable.
– Utilise and leverage the metaphors that clients use to describe their issues.
– Bring about ecological change in the unconscious mind of your client or audience.
– Get your listeners to associate into the story and identify with the relevant character.
– Integrate “open loops” in order to establish appropriate states amongst your listeners.
– Include “thresholds” in stories so that your listeners take ownership of their outcomes.

The content of this video is multilayered. You will have experiences on various levels, while learning how to use transformational stories for positive impact.


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