Oct 072013

Anchoring is one of NLP’s most powerful and versatile set of techniques.

In this video you’ll learn how to get yourself (or others) into a feel good or high performance state anywhere, anytime.

Anchors are “handles” that allow one to capture, stabilize and reproduce a particular state. Anchors enable coaches and therapists to work in the here and now, as opposed to talking about experiences or using regression, which may lead to insight, but not actual change. In general, Anchoring is used to help people restructure their internal experience.

Once you’ve watched this video, you’ll be able to establish a confidence Anchor for when you need to perform a challenging task, or a good mood Anchor for when you feel down, or a relaxation Anchor to counter stress, etc.

Anchoring works wonders! Enjoy this fun and crazy presentation by Jevon.

After watching the video, if you want learn more about Anchoring and the steps to setting a Resource State Anchor, then read Jevon’s article – How to ANCHOR Resourceful States.

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