Oct 242012

This is a recording of a 70 minute interview where Jevon Dängeli shares some powerful distinctions that will really shift the way you think about change and uncertainty. You’ll also be able to follow along as Jevon guides you through an exercise to help you snap out of fear and stress and get into a resourceful state, so you can think well and feel good.

Listen now, click play below:

[pro-player width=’200′ height=’100′ type=’sound’]http://jevondangeli.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/ccc_interview.mp3[/pro-player]


“What Jevon offered is great. I loved his statement that uncertainty is inevitable because what we don’t know in the Universe is so much greater than what we do know. The breathing and visualization exercises he suggested are not only helpful, but practical. I found his question “Who do I need to become in order to attract the people and circumstances I want in my life?” to be very powerful.”
-Laurie M. Hawley-
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