NLP Wizardry

This website provides tips, tricks and training so that you can learn and master NLP

When you change your internal map of reality, you change your external experience of reality too. And when you change your experience of reality, the world changes. That’s how valuable you are!

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) provides you with the knowledge and skills to understand why people do what they do, and how to upgrade what you do, when you’d like to do better…better performance…better sleep…better access to your full potential…

Check out this cutting edge series of NLP coach training videos. Each video is followed by review questions and other resources to help you master the subject.

It’s my passion to teach NLPHNLP Coaching & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, as I’ve found these modalities to be the most effective in facilitating positive and lasting change.

Sharing the personal and professional developmental skills that the above modalities offer, lifts my spirit and warms my heart. I love seeing people come truly alive when they transcend the boundaries that used to hold them back from the health, wealth and happiness that they seek.

With the increase of “best thing since sliced bread” offers online these days, it’s hard to discern which are worth your valuable time. Most are either poor quality or just teasers – hoping to hook you onto other product sales. This NLP video series is different! And it’s free!

You never know how far a change will go….

The User Manual For Your Mind & Your Life is now available on (Kindle edition, only $9,99)

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